About Us

About Us

We are the West Virginia Coffee Company. We are a small company that focuses on roasting the best Arabica coffee beans, freshly to order. Your coffee will be roasted, and packaged (ground or whole) in a sealed foil bag with a fresh-lock valve, and promptly shipped, priority-class mail, so that you get the freshest coffee possible.

Our advantages

Hand Crafted

All of our coffees are roasted in house, after you order. The roasted coffee is then carefully and promptly packaged and sealed in hand-stamped kraft bags with a relief valve, before being packaged for shipping.

Single Origins

We select only the finest arabica beans from around the world. Our single origin coffees are selected for quality, freshness and uniqeness. We frequently update our coffees and buy in small lots to keep our inventory of green coffee as fresh as possible.

Custom Roast Profiles

Our coffees are roasted to the proper degree to accentuate the best and most unique flavors possible. Most of our single origin coffees are roasted to a nice medium brown, where the unique flavor characteristics of the coffee shine, but where the roast is also sufficiently developed.

No Middle Men

Your coffee is roasted fresh to order, packaged the same day, and packed and labeled for shipping, all by us. We are thus able to ensure that your coffee does not ever sit in a wharehouse or on a shelf somewhere for weeks or months.

Meet our team

An awesome way to introduce the members of your team.

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