Honduras – Finca Jazmin

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This wonderful specimen is a  single origin arabica coffee from Honduras, sourced through direct trade with a single estate coffee farmer. Roasted to a light-medium degree to preserve the unique single-origin, single-farm flavor of this specialty bean.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, fruit forward, punchy, grapes & cocoa.

Sold in 12oz sealed bags.

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Honduras – Finca Jazmin, Direct-Trade Coffee

This arabica bean from the Honduran estate of Jazmin, was obtained through a direct-trade relationship. Direct trade coffee is some of the most sought after in the coffee world, as it is entirely distinct from even many “single-origin” coffees, as it is sourced from a single farm; whereas most single-origin coffees are from a single country or a particular region of a country, but includes coffees of multiple arabica varieties from multiple farms and estates.

1 review for Honduras – Finca Jazmin

  1. Michelle Young (verified owner)

    i just opened this package and had my first cup. It is delicious!

    • admin123 (store manager)

      Glad you are enjoying this fantastic bean! 😀

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Country:  Honduras

Region:  S.W. – La Paz, Marcala growing region

Farm/Source:  Finca Jazmin

Altitude: 5,000 feet

Varietals: Catui, Bourbon

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