Indonesian Java Estate

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This smallholder farm, single-origin, single estate coffee hails from the Java Region of Indonesian, which epitomizes the “Java” name that is so epynomous with coffee itself!  Early in the days of coffee trade, coffee from Java was widely renowned throughout the world and as a nutty, figgy, chocolatey, herbal expression of coffee and was often paired with it’s more robust Mokka, Yemeny, arabica cousin to make for a robust, earthy, spicy, chocolatey “Mokka-Java” blend of coffee (we are not currently offering a Mokka/Yemen coffee bean, but we think you will find that this delicately flavored sweet, full-bodied, chocolatey Java bean stands up on its own two feet*, just fine).

Roasted to a medium-dark level to further enhance and enliven the chocolatey undertones in this bean.

*Are aribica beans do not actually have any feet, but they might help you get your feet moving in the morning! 😀

1 review for Indonesian Java Estate

  1. Tyler Poling (verified owner)

    A potent variety! Don’t drink before bed!

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