Mountaineer Strong – Espresso Blend


This medium-dark blend of South American and Ethiopian arabica beans represents our darkest roast on our staple menu and is perfect for espresso, but equally enjoyable traditionally brewed. Chocolate and toffee flavors predominate, with a hint of lively, winy fruitiness still dances playfully across your palate. Sold in 12oz sealed bags.


This blend is a medium-dark blend of South American beans from Brazil and Columbia, both roasted to a medium-dark level of roast to bring out the chocolaty, nutty, roasty flavors, which at this level of roast begin to eclipse some of the more subtle, fruity and estery flavors. A nice bitter sweetness and heavier body greet the taster.  For additional balance and to tingle your taste buds, a small amount of arabica beans from the Harrar region of Ethiopia are roasted to a medium level, thus preserving the dry, winy, fruitiness and rich aroma, that you may note during tasting.


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