Monsooned Malabar

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This is a “monsooned” Indian coffee, with earthy notes of brown spice, wood and tobacco. Less brightly acidic than your typical arabica beans, as a result of the natural monsoon processing. In fact it is claimed that the monsooned coffees, because of the process have the lowest acid of all arabica coffees. This is an “AA” grade of coffee, so it is a very high  quality “special grade” bean and the monsooning process makes this a robust, full-bodied special treat.

This bean is roasted to a medium to medium-dark roast level, and pulled just shy of 2nd crack, to enhance the earthy and brown spice tones, while preserving some of the more nuanced flavors from the monsooning process.

What does “monsooned” mean? The green coffee beans once they are harvested are not processed in the same manner as other coffees (usually a wet or dry/natural processing), rather they are exposed to the 3-4 month monsoon season in “open” warehouses, where they soak up the monsoon season.

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